nghia lam

nghia lam

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Username * nghia59
Country * USA
City South Coast Metro
Nationality Chinese



I have been in games for about 8 years. I live in the O.C. and am working on a personal movie, and a very cool tech project on my own with the help of some good friends. I am a specialist of getting 3D to run and render in hardware as optimaly as possible. I also do a hell-uv-a-lot-a painting in PhotoShop. I love doing more commercial work than fine art so to speak and freaquently delv into design as opposed to illustration. Will upload 3D work as soon I get some finished on my own end.

Battle Angel Alita is my favorite comic, Macross Plus is my favorite anime, Shirow Masamune is my favorite artist, and Kusanagi Motoko is my favorite character design. I love Vietnamese food and being close to the ocean (without actually going in). Mango is my favorite fruit with tangerines as a close second. I have tons of friends in the games industry (many from Canada) and more in the comics biz (many from the South).

I love doing art but would rather be a porn star. :P

Please sign my guest book and if anyone knows how to message; let me know!



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